Will-Mann Inc.

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Fullerton, CA 92382
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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Services & Marking

Our state of the art Trumpf laser equipment uses fiber technology and provides close tolerance cutting and efficiency.

Metals that prove difficult to process by traditional methods are easily cut by our lasers. High quality edge conditions, greater thickness capability, and lights out 24/7 productivity are among the advantages.

 Assembly & Fabrication
 60” x 120” working range
 Laser Cutting Sheet thickness capabilities:

 Mild Steel: 1 inch
 Stainless Steel: 1 inch
 Aluminum: 1 inch
 Copper: 0.4 inch
 Brass: 0.4 inch

 Completely automated material storage, loading/unloading, and laser cutting to facilitate 24/7 lights out capabilities

Materials We Work With

 Stainless Steel
 Other (please inquire)